8-1-1 Information

8-1-1 logo.

Call 8-1-1 before any digging or earth moving, no matter if the work is being down by a homeowner or a professional. It’s a state law to call 8-1-1 to notify a local One-Call center at least 48 hours or two full business days prior to the scheduled dig in order to have underground utilities located and marked free of charge.

Indiana 811

Provide the following information to the 8-1-1 operator

  • County, city, or township
  • Digging tocation (street address and nearest cross street)
  • Type of work being done and extent of the work
  • Digging start date and estimated timeframe it will be completed

What to expect after calling 8-1-1

  • After you call, the One Call center will contact the utility companies responsible for the dig area
  • A trained technician will mark the location of all underground facilities with colored flags, stakes, or paint.

Color Codes


- Electric


- Gas, Oil, or Steam


- Water


- Telephone & Cable TV


- Sewer


- Reclaimed Water


- Temporary Survey Markers


- Proposed Construction

DO NOT remove the flags, stakes, or paint marks until the job is completed. Always dig responsibly and respect the flags. Always hand dig within 24 inches of either side of marked underground lines.